My journey so far...

I am Ssu-Ting, also go by Angie. I’m a UX Designer with a background in Psychology and Digital Marketing. I love to tackle complex problems and bring delightful and meaningful experiences to life.

I started my journey as a digital marketing professional because of my strong interest in technology and desire to understand user’s needs. With experience in digital marketing, I developed a strong ability to distill large sets of data and numbers into meaningful and actionable insights that enables me to transform data into valuable information as I conduct user research.

Why the transition to user experience? During my time in the media agency, I discovered the impact of poor-designed interfaces on marketing performance. It was the time I began to learn UX and found my passion for creating user-centered product experience.

With a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, I believe the power of research to uncover problems and constantly practice empathy throughout the design process. My craving for learning the human mind and behaviors always leads me to dig deeper into user’s needs.

Besides UX, I am also passionate about food, cooking, traveling and watching The Office. ❤️

Thanks for stopping by.